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Planting Trees

Every Sunday, we, WorldOfTrees, are doing one major tree-donation to a tree-planting organisation.
The number of trees planted is decided by the community:

We plant 10 trees for:
-->every purchased NFT
We plant 1 tree for:
-->every 10 retweets on our weekly twitter campaign
To plant more trees, we are donating:
-->50% of secondary sales


Take part in this weeks planting campaign!

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WorldOfTrees started out as an NFT-project that was looking to raise awareness on the importance of planting trees.

As we grew and further
developed this project, we
looked for ways to provide more
to our community.
Our Education Hub was born.


Nonetheless, planting trees is still rooted deep in us, which is why we keep encouraging people to do it.

Why the trees?

What the trees accomplish


Transactions over blockchains take energy. A lot of energy. Every transaction over the Ethereum-Blockchain creates 36.2 kg of Co2 emissions. 

That's the equivalant of  76.752 Visa-Transactions!

A full grown tree bonds 10kg of CO2 per year! 
This means, through your NFT purchase, 100kg of CO2 will be bond per year.

This is the equivalent of a car trip from New York to Canada!


The WorldOfTrees NFT is based on the Polygon-Blockchain. The only emission-free Blockchain!


Did you know?