How to get Whitelisted

What is a whitelist?

A whitelist is a list of people who get early and guaranteed access to mint a specific NFT at a specific date and window of time. Sometimes, there are also projects that are so popular and have such high demand, that ONLY people who are whitelisted, can mint their NFT.



Why would I want to be whitelisted?

NFTs work using supply and demand economics and if a project has a lot of interest, the public mint will likely sell out in a very short period of time – so getting on the whitelist can be extremely profitable.




How to get whitelisted?

As a general statement there is no guaranteed way to get on an NFT whitelist and whitelist requirements often differ among projects


But you can say that in general, the founders of a project want to give their WL-spots to the members they like the most. Conversely, it means that you have to be noticed and liked by the founders. So, most of our seven ways to get whitelisted from your favorite project are largely geared towards getting you noticed and loved by the developers.

Let’s go!




1. Other projects

A hypothetical example is that 50 holders of WorldOfTrees are randomly chosen for presale or whitelist in minting Mutant Ape Yacht Club. In this way, loyal fans of WorldOfTrees are rewarded with the option – but not the obligation – to mint a Mutant Ape.



2. The projects Discord

In many Discords of NFT projects there is a channel called “how-to-whitelist” where the founders of the project will show you the ways how to get whitelisted.



3. Jump in early

Join the discord immediately when there is a new project. Even if the project turns out to be unsuccessful, you have lost nothing, as you are not obliged to buy an NFT if you are whitelisted.

If you're fast, you have a high chance of getting whitelisted since you've been there from the start. Most developers are happy to give WL spots to OGs.



4. Chat a lot

Many projects award WL spots to those who interact and communicate a lot in their dissonance. There are also robots that count the number of your messages and then award WL spots to those who have written the most messages in their Discord.

Important to mention: Do not spam, stay authentic.


5. Be active in the voice chat

Become popular in the projects discord by being often in the voice chat.

Founders and members should become familiar with your voice, your profile pic and your name, so they are likely to give you a WL spot. Don't ask about it right away.

And no worries, you do not have to be actively sitting in front of your PC all the time and talking in their voice-chat. Simply ask deep questions from time to time.




6. Fan art

Create fan art to help build the community of a project. The owners will be thankful.

It doesn’t have to be art, like a JPEG. Just be creative and show your commitment to the project and the community.

For example, you could simply take a photo on how you show their NFT in any kind where you live, …


You also could do a freestyle, animate a video, make a T-shirt-design, …

Ask yourself how YOU can contribute to that project? -> Use your skills



7. Giveaways

Many projects are giving away whitelist spots to their members on Twitter or in their Discord. Stay up to date and take part in the competitions.



8. Get WL spots in our Discord

In our discord we regularly give you whitelist spots of the newest and best projects. We filter the projects that want to collaborate with us according to our criteria, so you can be sure that what we offer you are good projects.




Whitelist as a scam


There are rugpulls that try to lure you with WL-spots for their project.


Just being whitelisted is no reason to mint an NFT. It must also be worth investing in the project, even if you weren't whitelisted.

Being whitelisted is a bonus, but not a reason to buy.


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