The WorldOfTrees Education Hub

The WorldOfTrees Education Hub is an exclusive discord server created to teach people on how to trade NFT's.


Before launching the Education Hub,
we handpicked 100 traders from
all around the world
gave them exclusive access 
to our Education Hub.

Everyone has months and up to
years of experience. They helped us to
create this place. They are the core of our project. 


How to see the exclusive channels

After receiving your NFT, we need to verify your purchase. To do that, visit the "How-to-join"-Guide in our discord. You will then be granted the role "Alpha"

You now have access to our alpha-exclusive channels:

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The trading course


All the knowledge from years of trading experience put in one course, ready for you to learn from it.

The complete trading course is constantly improved and upgraded by our NFT-Experts.


It contains:

-The best ways to find and analyse a project
-What to look for in the community, website, team, art, roadmap etc.
-When to buy/sell a project
-Exlusive WorldOfTrees tips and tricks

Expert Chatroom


It's time to implement your knowledge!
In this channel, you have the opportunity to present your new-discovered project to the others.

To prevent the clutter, we give you a strict template for you to follow.

Together, we can discuss which projects are the most promising and valuable, so you are always provided with the best ones.

It's a win-win for everybody!

You can also ask questions about everything concerning NFT's. The community will answer you!

Weekly Ranking


Every week, we are going to update our weekly ranking of the hottest projects to look after!

This means, with just a glimpse in this channel, you will know how the current state of the NFT-market looks like and on which projects the Alphas count.

Energy pool


In this channel Alphas can show off their best trades and successes to the others!

For you, seeing what is possible in this space will be highly motivating and gives you a lot of energy!